Greenhouse by Joost (and the pink umbrella)

A few weeks ago Mr G randomly heard about that foodie dedication to all things recycleable and organic,  Greenhouse by Joost and decided to go.  Fortunately this was before it appeared in the SMH and we got a table at 1pm really easily.  In Sydney this is completely unheard of.

The theme was organic.  They pulled it off.

The menu was typical of organic and seasonal produce restaurants, short and sweet.  And very, very good!

This was mullet with heritage tomatoes.  I don’t know how they get the skin that crispy but I’m sure it involves butter.  And the tomatoes were amazing.  My only complaint was that they served it on some sort of untreated recycled wood and the mullet soon tasted like untreated recycled wood.  It’s not the culinary experience you’d think it was.  But it just made me eat the damn fish faster!

Mr G had the wagyu steak and salad and wasn’t disappointed.

While we were there, one of the cruise liners decided to leave the harbour.  It was a bit surreal watching that giant ship move past the window.  A bit post-apocalyptic.  I half expected it to take off.

Then we drank coffee from recycled jam jars.  Post 90s organic recycled nu-hipster cred?  Tick.

And then there was a lady outside with a pink umbrella.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her, I was obsessed!  It was a dull-ish day and the pink umbrella seemed to light up everything around her.

I stalked her through The Rocks for a while before Mr G announced I was being creepy and to stop it.

Anyway, I recommend Joost – the food is good, so is the coffee.  No disappointments.  I saw a lot of people ordering the pizza – now this place grinds their own flour and makes their own.  As someone who makes their own pizza this can only mean one thing – tough and chewy.  Don’t go there expecting great pizza.  It’s organic, it’s wholesome, but I can guarantee you there are better things on the menu.  Like that lovely mullet!