Decluttering Monday.

My decision to embrace Autumn went full speed ahead today.  We got rid of our old bed (Snooze very nicely collects it from you), and while I was downstairs, I came across this lamp with a note attached saying it worked great and to please take, so I did.

I love it immensely.  There was a dilemma over whether to put it over the bed, or put it over the guestbed, and then Mr G cleverly pointed out that we can move it when guests come.

This is the guest bed.  Ikea are full of geniuses – the whole row of drawers pulls out to form a king size bed.  Perfect for people like me who live in apartments that aren’t quite a studio, aren’t quite a 1 bedder.  It would be a 1 bedder if I had a fourth wall.  But that’s the living-the-converted-warehouse-dream for you.  I’m a bit over the dream.  The guest bed has never looked this good before.  Everything is a bit pastel-y in my place right now, but currently all of our bedlinen was gifted by very nice people, and I can’t complain.

Speaking of gifts, Mr G’s sister made us this as an engagement present.  I love it.  The light in here is dreadful due to the end of summer, so it didn’t photograph as nicely as it looks!

I know I posted about these before, but I do love things in gilt frames.  And they look so pretty!

If Socrates were alive today, we would no doubt be sharing decluttering tips.

Mr G got right into the spirit of things and decluttered the fruit bowl of ageing bananas.

It’s taken all day, and there’s a huge pile in the hallway, but the first proper 2010 declutter is almost over.  Except for under the kitchen sink.  Let’s not talk about it!