Home Dec Sunday

I spent the afternoon on a couple of small sewing projects that I’d been meaning to do for a while but that was right up there with ‘combine health insurance’ in terms of priorities. Something took over me today though and I dug around in my neglected fabric collection and threw together a couple of things. I use plastic supermarket bags as bin liners so I keep all of them – lately in an ugly drawer, so I made a bag holder. You shove them in the top and the bottom is elasticised so you can cram many in and pull out one at a time.


The fabric is a screen print from Etsy that my sister bought me years ago, and my mother loves to collect bias binding from opshops for me, meaning I’ve usually got matching stuff on hand. The whole thing is so fast to make in that it’s just a square rolled and sewn along one edge, with some elastic in the bottom.

Now that the wind is picking up, the doors at home are slamming all the time so I made myself a pyramid doorstop for the bedroom, with the fabric again sourced from an opshop by my Mum. I love that she’s always finding me treasures!


I tried to line it all up as well as I could to make it just as nice to look down at.


It’s so nice to turn around a corner at home and see something pretty out of nowhere! I’m looking forward to Easter so I can get some more done!

$6 at the monthly market. Part 1.

As an epic declutterer, I try not to buy things that clog up my life, however I have several weaknesses. One of these is fabric. You do not get between a dressmaker and her fabric if you know what’s good for you, but it does result in a very big stash.

Lucky for me I found this pattern for $6 at a monthly market, and the stash contains a sky blue cotton/linen blend reminiscent of denim but far lighter.

Isn’t it gorgeous?  A knee length version in my sky blue fabric with big wooden buttons and gold thongs and messy hair is calling out to me. At $6 it was a bargain, the same pattern goes for $14 on Ebay.

The title of the post says part 1, because part 2 is where I make it and show you. Part 2 might be a while.