natalia alaverdian

She had style, she had grace.

I was saddened to see the usual crowd of happy-bashers out in force over Kate and Wills engagement.  According to them, Kate will now have to ‘be more in fashion now’, and less ‘boring’, and mon dieu, wear more makeup as she often doesn’t wear any.  Even her lovely hair wasn’t spared the viciousness from the unhappy masses.  The way I see it,  everything she’s done her own way has worked for her, so why change that?

And then I read The Sartorialist to find a comment on Natalia Alaverdian, a personal style icon, about she dresses too ‘safe’.  As if safe, whatever it is, is a bad thing.  It was Coco Chanel herself, great founder of easy chic and gorgeous minimalism who urged women to take off the last thing they put on.

Here are some shots of Natalia being ‘safe’.  There is something very elegant in embracing who you are as a person, and letting it show through what you wear – not the other way around.

I will never understand the great fear of being boring when all of us are so interesting as individuals.