Road trip part 1: Hunter Valley

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Clearly it takes a good 5 and a half weeks to adjust to ones new surroundings – amusing since I’ve only two and a half weeks left to go.  Mr G and I made a bit of a road trip out of my secondment, starting with the Hunter Valley.

The Hunter Valley Gardens are a lovely place to visit – if you’re willing to pay the $20 entry fee!  We weren’t so I took a photo from the outside.  The Hunter Valley Chocolate Festival is held here – I don’t mind paying it then.  There is also fruit growing on the trees inside – do with that information as you will.  Even if you don’t go inside, on the site are a handful of gorgeous little shops selling local art, wines and other goodies.

Nature also likes to put on a pretty good show in the Hunter in autumn.

Some people photograph their wine exploits, it makes sense.  Our first stop however, was the Hunter Valley Chocolate Factory, this is their cherry ripe fudge.  It didn’t last long!

Next stop, a very long distance away, was the Big Banana.  It was hilarious.  And empty.  Like the ghost banana that time forgot.  I ate a banana ice cream to celebrate the occasion.  Mr G had a banana milkshake.  Neither were made with real bananas.

This was a flashback to my childhood.  I felt a bit like I was in a Stephen King movie.

The banana ice cream was the colour of candy bananas.  And yet the sight of all those cones awakened my inner child and got me excited!

Next post – the strangeness that is Coffs Harbour!