Road trip part 3: Bangalow and Byron Bay

By the time we’d come this far, I was bit too tired to take photos, but I’ll try to get some of Bangalow when I leave because it is a beautiful town, full of artists and interesting sorts.  The food is amazing, there’s a real slow food/gourmet following up there.  Naturally the town is now fighting developers because they’re getting the spill from the Byron crowd.

For now this the only picture I have!

After a brief stop there, we went onto Byron and were pleasantly surprised by our room at the Apartments Inn.  Sounds budget, looks a million.  The owner is a former chef and full of good recommendations of where to eat.  We wound up at St Elmo’s for tapas and I channelled Faux Fuchsia and tried their very expensive amaretto sour.  It was worth every last cent – amazing!   I was far to excited to drink it so didn’t get a photo – but it had a glace cherry and a hint of cherry in it.  Cherry and almond is one of those lifetime love affairs that should never be parted.

The bed didn’t come like that, I just couldn’t wait to test it before taking a photo!

Byron is just like a big touristy beach town to me, but it sure does pull out the views.

After that, Mr G returned to Sydney and I drove out of Byron and into Nowheresville to start my secondment.  It was a very sad day, but fortunately, French toast cures all, so that is exactly what I did.

Almond honey from the Hunter, grilled bananas, and fresh raspberry paste from the local farmers market, and I was ready to start what will hopefully be the last time I have to be away from home this year.