Temperley I am actually dying.

I am not a cool person when it comes to fashion.  I wish I could be that all-grey and black monochrome person with the fringe hanging off my Alexander Wang handbag, flicking in the air along with my gorgeous bayalaged hair that doesn’t snap and is shiny but I’m like a magpie.  I love colour and white and shiny things.  And I never get to the hairdresser because I’m always on rotation somewhere new and when I do get to a hairdresser, my grown-out hair reeks of hairdresser-disloyalty.  Anyway, I have all my favourite designers and mainly it’s because they use colour in fun and uncool ways that look cool on hungry Amazonian women in a ‘oh this old thing, I just threw it on because I’m totally ironic and I hardened it up with some chain mail/bondage gear/leather’.  Currently I’m at home tired and I load up my app because lets face it, we all had that app for the high res photos of New York and Parisian eurotrash parties that random celebrities and fashionista’s showed up at and were often caught mid-drink in unflattering lighting and we could sigh with relief and say “oh thank god, they’re just like the rest of us”.  Except billionaires.  The app understandably got rid of it’s party section so now I just flick through the fashion shows of all my favourite designers (DVF, BCBG Max Azria, Valentino, Red Valentino, Temperley, Kate Spade and so on).  Today I caught up with the Temperley show and OH WOW.  Here are some of my favourites but really, I loved the whole damn collection.


Note the fedora for extra cred.  You mustn’t look too sweet or people wont trust you, or worse, they’ll think you’re stupid.  I wouldn’t wear the fedora and would just cop the weird judgment.


I just have no words for the amazing perfection of this whole get up.  The intricate embroidery, the symmetry, the matching scarf, gladiator sandals that don’t look you’re going to beat someone up.


Again they’ve reduced the sweetness of this one by using what looks like metal grommets.  Again, the attention to detail is off the friggin’ hook.


I can just see myself wearing this at the resort mentioned in the previous post, swanning around in my oversize weird rattan tub chair, ridiculous cocktail in hand pretending I’m there like, all the time dahling.


There are literally no words.  I am actually dying looking at this amazing thing.  Where the hell would you even wear this?  Somewhere amazing.  You’d have to be Cate Blanchett or getting married or something.


This dress is basically who I want to be.  Glittering, supercool, brown, taller.  Basically amazing yet gliding with ease through life with my attention to detail and simultaneous brilliant grasp of the big picture.

Goddamn you Temperley London, I love you.

Full collection Temperley London SS 2016 here.  Pictures also from there.


Dear diary, I promise to write in you more…

It’s time for a makeover.  Time to forget about the negative and focus all-out on fabulousness and positivity and all the things that make life great.  This means DRESSES.  Between Cannes and The Met Ball, I’ve been drooling over so much beauty that I couldn’t not be inspired and get onto it here.

Let’s start with The Met Ball.

Lupita Nyong’o – Custom Prada

There’s a million good things happening right here.  The movement.  The colour.  The contrast.  That smile.

Karlie Kloss – Oscar de la Renta

I adore this dress.  Strapless brocade is in danger of being boring but the metallic, the gradient from large print to small, the drape is just amazing.

Cobie Smulders – Custom Reed-Krakoff

Oh Cobie.  I love you.  I love this dress.  I would wear this dress if I were a thousand feet taller.  And browner.  And thinner.

Sofia Coppola

There’s something so relaxed, so old-world Coco about this dress.  It should be unflattering.  It’s ankle length, a-line, with mid-bicep sleeves.  And Sofia just glides in it.  Maybe it’s the vertical lines, the sequins, the pleating – or the beautiful and intelligent woman in it.  Who knows?

Stacy Martin – Custom Miu Miu

I have no idea who Stacy Martin is but this is what Miu Miu does best.  Young, fun, mixes it up beautifully, plays with colour.  I may kill for those shoes.

And from Cannes, there were not too many I liked – there’s only so many iterations of a ballgown you can see in your lifetime, but there was one…

Zoe Saldana – Victoria Beckham

I haven’t followed Beckham’s ranges at all, but this feels like a departure from the super tight, super structured garment that she usually does.  There’s a free-flowing easiness to this dress, with nods to the female form, femininity and minimalism that I just adore.

Et voila – makeover complete!

Love this little collection of dresses, there were so many lovely ones in there but these were my favourites.  A huge tribute to the designers, the construction people, and the stylists – so many hours goes into making a dress, especially a couture worthy one.  Techniques that are centuries old are kept alive by haute couture – may it never die.

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