On the subject of family…

I command you to get yourself to a bookshop and pick up a copy of My Abuela’s Table by Dani Germain.

Dani is a something kindred spirit in that she also ditched her old career, risked ruin and ridicule (sounds familiar!), and switched from science to design.  In class she decided to illustrate all of her grandmothers recipes (Mexican), and the class held a competition which just happened to be judged by a publisher.  And guess what?  By following her dream and doing what she loved, someone discovered her, and gave her a book deal.  You can visit her blog here.  Buy the book, I did, and now it holds a prized spot on my coffee table, it is simply beautiful and I’ll post pictures of the first thing I cook!

P.S.  You can buy a tortilla press (if so inclined) and the right flour, from The Essential Ingredient.

P.P.S.  Not affiliated (well maybe very loosely), but I just love the book and her story.