sydney harbour bridge

Mrs Macquarie’s Point – A Photojourney

A couple of weeks back I went out for a birthday lunch and we entered up walking around to Mrs Macquarie’s point which offers some of the best views of Sydney you can find.

Garden Island

I can’t tell you what that important looking thing is, but there were tonnes of navy boats, which makes sense, Garden Island is a military base.

This has to be one of the most relaxing walks in history.

Woolloomooloo Bay

And from here you have fantastic and uncrowded views of the bridge.  Far, far better than Circular Quay, if only for the escape from all the tourist crap!

Sydney Harbour Bridge #1

Only Sydney!  Water over water – Boy Charlton pool is one of my new favourite places in the whole world.

Andrew Boy Charlton Pool

Just one more, because you can never get enough of it.

Sydney Harbour Bridge #2

I think I’m going to get that one printed.  Straight to the pool room it will go!