Easter colour

There’s something about Easter that gets me feeling incredibly festive, even more so that the sound is finally out around these parts! I’d love to tell you that I’ve been baking easter cakes and blowing eggs (which is what I’d rather be doing) but I’ve been staggering through night shift, a whole world of pain I’ll go into another time. The day they invent nightshift doctor robots will be cause for celebration worldwide. Who on earth is good at decision making at 3am?

That hasn’t stopped me embracing colour and life in my days off.


I’m so into clashing prints at the moment it hurts.


I love multicoloured roses in a small bunch – these ones smell just beautiful and are making me so happy right now!


I bought this Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet as a post horror shift present recently. I love the turnlock clasp and bright colours!

My favourite thing to do on Good Friday is go to the fish market and eat a seafood platter. This year the queues were horrible and while my blood pressure was rising, I thought of The Happiness Project and realised I didn’t want to feel angry. Then it occurred to me, how lucky I am to go out on a sunny day and buy a plate of seafood when so many places in the world are undergoing a debt crisis and people are worrying about their jobs. Waiting in a queue for fresh seafood is a very first world problem. It was a small and happy moment to turn my anger into something better.

What are you doing over Easter?