All things Korean pt 1.

I’m mildly obsessed with things coming out of Korea at the moment…mainly music and makeup, I can’t rate the clothes because they don’t fit me but the colour and the enthusiasm put into their products just rock my world.  I’d like to blame SBS PopAsia for this newfound addiction, without randomly finding it on SBS 2 one day, this would never have happened.

I first saw Lee Hi a couple of years ago and nearly died when that voice came out of that person, and at the age of 16.  From what I can ascertain (not being able to read Korean, or follow a Korean TV show), she won some sort of singing comp and this was her first release.

Then as is the custom with her music company, they hid her for a couple of years after she went number one, staged a comeback, and have since hidden her again.  But not before bringing her back for the same TV show, and doing the competition all over again.  I think.

This cover was particularly good.

Before sending her on hiatus, she formed a subgroup with two of the other contestants, translated as a ‘subunit’?! and made this particularly gorgeous videoclip.

Say what you will about the costume choices and blatant lifting of Western themes, the lady is talented.  It’s funny things you get interested in.  I should do a Japanese post one of these days because Perfume (a girl group) are great.

In other news, I did a great big Korean beauty order the other day which I’ll review in my next post…with brand names like Ultrahard and Mol Girl, you can’t really go wrong…right?

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