Go f*** yourself Cadbury.

If I’m going to practice heavy self censorship I’ll allow myself to swear (it’s a bit of a problem for me in real life and hey, the baby can’t speak English yet so I have some time to work on this).

They changed the recipe for creme eggs.  The chocolate is now salty?!

AND they destroyed the recipe for Red Tulip easter eggs.  That was THE cardinal taste of Easter chocolate.  Now it tastes like sweet gross rubbish.  And they post self-congratulatory stuff on social media when people complain about their focus groups saying how great it tasted.  YOU WERE GIVING THEM FREE CHOCOLATE FFS WHAT DID YOU THINK THEY WOULD SAY.

I wont jump on the bandwagon complaining about smaller family size blocks.  From a public health perspective that’s probably a good thing, and let’s face it, Whittakers Hazelnut is really where it’s at.

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