Limping through the neighbourhood.

I went for my run, even though the universe clearly didn’t want me to.  Here’s why:

  1. I have a good going bout of sinusitis, but no, it’s above the neck so no excuses. I had a coffee which cures everything pre-run.
  2. It’s cold.  I hate the cold.  But to get around that excuse I recently invested in lined trackies, so still no excuses.  I will pile as many clothes on as I have to.
  3. When I was getting ready to go, I couldn’t find my keys.
  4. Then my phone.
  5. Then my headphones.
  6. Then my shoes.
  7. Once I got outside I discovered that the backup pair of headphones I had found whilst stamping around the house swearing only had one earbud working.  The other worked intermittently if I jiggled the connector which taunted me the entire run.  I consoled myself by saying hey, at least you can hear out of one ear now – perfect if someone tries to jump you!
  8. After 5 minutes in the cold I came to the uncomfortable realisation that I’d forgotten to take my ventolin.  Sigh.  Cold air asthma.  Breathed through it.
  9. Who knew there were schools on the road I chose to run on?  Many schools.  Who knew that schools get out around 3-3.30?
  10. I forgot to bring a tissue.  So I ran (limped) along with one working earbud, my chest in a half-spasm, and my nose dripping, dodging families walking 5-abreast (who does that?!) on the footpath, being judged by hordes of teenage girls with carefully messy hair.
Still, the other side of that is that I went for a run today.

Why did I bother at all you ask?

“because when you are running, there is a little voice in your head that tells you that you should quit. It says you’re too tired, your legs hurt, your lungs hurt. If you can learn how to defeat that little voice in your head, then you can learn how to not quit when things get hard in your life.”  – Will Smith


  1. I love that quote! This is something that I can really relate to at the moment. I’m in a serious trough of sorrow and always find myself feeling better after a good bout of exercise.

  2. I agree with wikigirl – amazing quote and something that I try to tell myself when I bump into a steep hump at the gym and it’s hurting so hard that you just want to give up… but you try not to!
    And thanks for the blogroll link, I’ll need to update mine too, haven’t for a while!
    PS who are you on VF?

  3. Lovely quote, I need to remember that one! I have never been a runner, my whole life I haven’t been able to run for more than a few minutes. It’s HIGH on my ‘to do’ list to learn to run for longer, not because I particularly like running (I loathe it), but just because it feels like something that has constantly defeated me, so I need to overcome it just to prove that I can, if you know what I mean! x

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