Homefood, daywear or I found my camera cable.

I finally found my camera cable, had cleverly organised it into a nice little bag with other camera cables and forgot about it.  I found some pics of some cooking and a schlepping around my local shops outfit so I thought I’d share.  This outfit is pre-income and the whole thing totals about $50.  I’m pretty uniform with what I wear and fully condone large scarves – I’ll blame the keffiya for their oversaturation, but since the skin on your chest is the same as the skin on your face, I, like to keep that covered.  Excuse the unholy mess, this was post-creative flurry of design and printing some invites for my sister.  You can see my guillotine in the background if you look extra hard.

I’ve since upgraded the scarf, thrown out the shoes (destroyed), and bought a new handbag.  But the formula remains the same.  I’ll switch in jeans if it’s cold.  I know, I’m boring.

This has to be the best ever make-lots-of-and-eat-for-the-week dinner ever.  I found the recipe in Falling Cloudberries.  It’s called Tava and you pretty much just throw lamb, potatoes, red onion, cumin seeds, and parsley (I use rosemary though), and olive oil together, mix it up, and top the lot with tomatoes, then cook for 3 hours.  It’s perfect for nightshift – I put it on, sleep through the day (with the oven turned low), and when I wake up dinner is ready.  It keeps well and tastes amazing reheated – what more could you want?

Here it is with a simple salad of greens dressed with lemon juice and olive oil :

I know, no points for food styling.  Most of the time I don’t even bother taking a photo because I’m so hungry I just want to eat!

Recently Mr G cooked another recipe from Falling Cloudberries (okay, it’s probably the most heavily used cookbook in our place!) called Lahmacun, or if you’ve ever been down Sydney Rd in Melbourne, Turkish or Lebanese pizza.  It’s an aromatic mince + Lebanese bread served with chilli oil, parsley, and lemon juice.  And very very hard not to scoff all at once!

Don’t be afraid of cordial!  Food of the gods.  My favourite is Fruit Cup.  I was buying diet until I learned about diet soda leeching calcium from your bones with high amounts of phosphate.  I wonder if diet cordial is the same?  I’m not afraid of aspartame.

In other news, I bought myself a new iMac today.  Well almost new.  I couldn’t pass up a refurbished model for $250 below the new price.  And it’s community recycling.  And fiscally responsible.  So get ready for more blogging and more random pics!  Although I’ll change cameras and steal Mr G’s – this thing hasn’t been the same since it fell out of a high speed tuktuk in Siem Reap.

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  1. Is that lamb dish a Cypriot recipe? It reminds me very much of something my YaYa would make when I was little but I didn’t know what it was called. Do you have a more exact recipe? I’d love to make it again.

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