A time to live, and a time to…eat!

Recently I’ve noticed a foodie explosion amongst my friends.  They use words like ‘phenomenal’ when describing a chocolate pudding…sorry…fondant, and argue over the finer points of who has the better extra virgin olive oil.  While it seems that their foodiness is limited to contemporary Australian with the occasional grand adventure into Japanese, Thai if they’re feeling edgy (but never Chinese), I must admit, I have a confession to make.

I love food.  I’m not a foodie.  I love the wagyu burger at Rockpool.  I love a Hungry Jacks whopper junior with cheese with its mix of mayo and tomato sauce falling out of my hands.  I love Macca’s fries (when hot, fresh, and salty), and I equally love the polenta chips at Bloodwood.   Yes I’ve eaten that snow egg.  But I can eat a bag of assorted filled easter eggs from Woollies too.  And I love Chinese food.  And Vietnamese food.  And Nepalese food.  And Indian food.  In fact if it’s from a country I haven’t heard of, I’ll love it more.  One of the first things I ask someone from another culture is 1) what do you eat, and 2) can I have the recipe?  I have friends who stay away from ethnic suburb because they’re afraid of violence.  I will spend forty minutes on the train getting to said suburb in pursuit of it’s glorious street-food authenticity.  Forget growing the ingredients on the roof.  Forget blah-blah sourced from blah-blah and aged in a cave.  I appreciate all food for what it is – whether it’s fine dining or fast food, they all have their place.

And everything must be in it’s place.  For most of my life I’ve eaten fairly indiscriminately, making up large batches of cookies and eating most of them or ordering pizza whenever I felt like it.  In short, I had no system for eating and it takes it’s toll.  In spite of being 20kg lighter than I was 10 years ago, I still have a daily battle with myself over what and what not to eat.  There’s almost a sense of missing out and maybe I’ll never get it again involved with certain foods.  So I thought I’d make a time and a place for all the foods I love, so that I have permission when the time comes, and I’ll never miss out.

My rules for eating whatever I want:

  • Day-to-day:  I eat from the earth.  Fish, brown rice, vegetables, rice noodles, yoghurt, fruit.  Think Mediterranean food pyramid
  • Out to dinner:  Free reign to order whatever I want!  Forget the token salad to ‘trying and be healthy’
  • Bakery treats are for sharing!  I’m only baking if it’s for a group of people.
  • Chips/lollies/chocolate:  Easter, Christmas, birthdays…and night shift.
  • Pancakes/big breakfasts:  Birthdays, night shift, and weeks where I’m working 6/7 days.
  • Pizza:  For times of utter, utter acopia.
  • Alcohol – not so much of an issue, I hardly drink.  But when out, no more than 2-3 drinks max.

I wish I could exercise portion control and eat this stuff whenever I liked, but put a block of chocolate, a bag of chips or a packet of biscuits in my pantry and they are gone in 3 hours.  I don’t want that for myself.  I don’t buy that stuff anyway but this is even more impetus not to.


  1. I’m the same – if you put a large quantity of junk food in front of me, I’ll hoover it up. But if it’s not in the house, I’m fine. And I’m with you on the baking thing – I’ll only bake for a special occasion, or if I know I can give most of it away!

  2. I thought I was the only food lover having this daily battle! I love to bake and to cook but if I do I put on too many cm around my middle. Sometimes I wish I had a big household to cook for, so I could bake my muffins, eat ONE, and share them around.

  3. Oh this blog post is perfect timing for me now that we’re going into colder weather, which is dangerous for my appetite. I swear I was a bear in a previous incarnation – all I want to do in winter is eat and sleep!
    But I recently lost 10 kilograms and am at a weight I’m really happy with. The thing is, it was done mostly over spring/summer which is when I have no issues with going outside for a long walk and am happy to eat lightly. So I think winter will be my real challenge at maintaining.

    The main culprit in my diet was sugar and, though I have mostly eliminated it from my diet (aside from fresh fruit and a little honey in my porridge), I know I will always adore the stuff and I have yet to work it into my diet again so I can still enjoy it in moderation without falling off the wagon. So I’m going to borrow your rules and see how I go!

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