Some purchases – with pictures!

Still don’t know where my camera stuff is since moving, but since doing a rotation that is all shiftwork and all my free time being free when no one is around, I’ve done a ton of online shopping, so I’ll share the spoils.

Witchery sent me a $50 voucher recently if I spent over $100 so I obliged and bought this bag.  Their shipping rate of $17 nearly had me on the floor, honestly some US websites are cheaper, but I was glad when it arrived.  It sort of sits up and folds in on itself all at once and looks quite polished next to my old leather hobo that was used and abused for four years (which now gets resigned to travel-wear).  I don’t mind Witchery bags for day bags, this one is nice soft but sturdy leather and goes with lots.  Going from student to, well, [i]paid[/i], I’m starting by building up the basics first.  And apologies to the designer it likely ripped off, being Witchery and all.

Remember that craze for all things Parisian and French a year ago?  It was al about The Cherry Blossom Girl and superior French style and the amazing concept that you could wear designer shoes with chain-store fashion.  I didn’t have the money for designer shoes at the time, so I lived it through T2’s French Early Grey tea.  I’m sure it’s about as French as a French manicure (which is an American invention), but I drank my tea and bought fresh flowers and watched Gossip Girl and read French Women Don’t Get Fat and had a great time doing it.  I love T2 teas.  They always try to sell me canisters but I think their boxes look great stacked up so the tea just stays in the inconvenient plastic.  The website didn’t have a picture of the actual box.

Name says it all really.  I love Thai food, I love a coffee table book, and I love to cook when I have time – and COTD had it for $30 – what’s to lose?

I also bought a ton of books off Book Depository but that’s too many pictures.  Needless to say I’ll be reading up a storm.

Next pay, i.e. tomorrow, I’ll be investigating the exciting world of Shopbop and Marc by Marc Jacobs.  I have a lot of old worn stuff to replace.  But answer me this – if you buy a pair of mouse flats, how could you wear them?  Wouldn’t you want them to last forever?  I have been coveting these for years but I fear I would wear them to death in such a short time.  How do you not wear shoes?

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