I felt compelled to write, largely because my camera always appears to be dead, the connector lost, my dinners eaten before I can photograph them and my clothes being lost somewhere between the wash and my bedroom.  Then I decided I’m only slightly more boring without these things, so I’ll just post anyway.

And really it was all this talk of babies and homes and what-have-you on the Vogue forum.  I feel completely incongruous with my age.  I’m 31.  I’m 31 and I’m two months into my career job.  I had another which I hated, went back to uni, and got another one, which two months in am quite certain I love.  But all this talk of babies and houses!  I have neither of these things and feel more compelled at this point in my life to investigate my first MJ handbag than I do to think about bricks and mortar.  This is largely due to spending most of my twenties being a student.  Late bloomer develops into delayed responsibility.  And now it’s as if everything has backed up behind itself because much as I’d love expensive dinners and handbags, all that has to be crammed into a year or two, because, that tick tick is chasing me.

Still a year of dinners and dresses will be enough.  I have no regrets.  Just an abject lack of time.  Mr G and I were somehow graced with an endless supply of patience, and trust that these things will happen as they should.*

*as they should being before 35 😉


  1. A yes. An interesting VF today…
    31, dont own a home, no plans for a baby just yet? So what! Who cares! Are you happy? I think yes! And your a Doctor! Woo Hoo!
    Look at whatyou have achieved at 31!
    Good on you!
    THe house the baby and whatever else can wait!!!

  2. Hang in there. I am in my late 30’s with 2 kids (7 and 5 years old). I spent my 20’s doing all the ‘right’ things – studying, making my path towards a career, family and family home. I recently treated myself to my first luxe bag and this weekend hubby and I are going to the theatre and fine dining for the first time in more than 10 years! We would have loved to do more travelling before we had kids. So now my lucky kids get to go on overseas holidays whenever we can afford to go, plus we love spending time together. Anything we can’t fit in now, we’ll do as retirees. You have already triumphed with your change in career; you will look back in your late 30’s and wonder what the rush was all about. Please post more often … your wisdom and intelligent contributions on the VF alone has blown me away.

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