Beautifully nerdy!

As well as having a passion from all the things colour, dressmaking, and fashion, I’m also hardcore nerdy.  I’ll embarrass you in any science fiction film.  I also watch the rain radar incessantly.  Nothing gets me going more than this beautiful sight.

Go on, try it.  There’s nothing more satisfying than a severe weather warning, a picture like this, and a rip roaring thunderstorm that splits the sky!

*Picture from the Bureau of Meteorology – click on your state, then choose the radar images link.


  1. It’s always satisfying to let the inner nerd out of the box! I love putting the BOM animation on and predicting when it’s going to start/stop raining. A handy skill when timing your run to the train 🙂

  2. Oh so funny
    I have an obsession with rain radar too..
    I live in the the desert so most of the time there isn’t too much to look at, but when she come in, she comes in hard.
    Awesome. I sometimes think I should have done metereology because I find weather so interesting

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