Road trip part 2: Coffs Harbour.

Coffs Harbour is one of the strangest places I’ve been to in my life.  Once an action packed holiday destination, now a sort of post-apocalyptic shell of a holiday destination.  You almost expected to come a cross a ferris wheel creaking desolately in it’s abandonment.  The views however, were beautiful.

We stayed at th Novotel.  Don’t get too excited, many rooms of the hotel have been bought by people who live there permanently because it was doing so badly.  The grounds are immaculately kept and empty, and the interior and general decor of the hotel is a peach flavoured homage to Christopher Skase.  It does however, have a private beach, which is gorgeous.

The hotel was full of strange things, like brush turkeys.  Wandering around outside your room.

In spite of it being deserted and somewhat frightening, Coffs had one redeeming feature.  Behold, the pancake machine.  I want one.

I’ve been to a lot of hotel buffets.  Never one with a pancake machine.  The rest of the food was superior to other hotel buffet’s too.

Next stop, Bangalow and Byron Bay!

One comment

  1. I think you described it perfectly. I was there last year with my partner, it really made me feel like a child in the 80’s wandering around the place, the decor of the shops ect.
    It was a month after it flooded and we felt like the only people in town.

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