Winter 01

I’m going through a bad bad fashion period.  I hate everything in the shops.  I even flicked through a magazine at the hairdresser the other day and hated everything in that.  It all appears to be a head-on collision between blonde hair-red lips-blackblackblack 90s thing, Big Audio Dynamite bowler hats, and some dregs from the late 80s with those bloody YSL tapered pants thrown in for good measure.  Yes it was cool when a couple of people did it on The Sartorialist and Garance, but come on, pleated and tapered pants went out of style for a reason.  So, I have been despairing for inspiration. wasn’t cutting it, ditto Style Bakery, and even the local street fashion has gone off.  Imagine my delight when I was watching a documentary today on WWII, about women working, and found a delightful wide-legged pant and skivvy arrangement on a woman working as a postal worker.  I wish I could find a photo for you.  I didn’t want to waste any time so hopped on Polyvore to get something down before it left my head.

Winter 10
It’s a little bit 70s in some ways, but they had to derive their looks from somewhere too.  And it’s inspiring in a way, because without those women taking up work while the men fought in the war, none of us would enjoy the privilege of being able to choose our own path today.  Perhaps it would have happened eventually but I don’t think nearly as fast.  When the men came back, the women refused to return to being housewives.  It’s hard to believe that was only 65 years ago.

I’m proud to get my inspiration from these women, in more ways than one.

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