Thrifty jacket refashion.

I don’t really shop at Witchery because I’m too petite for their long clothes, but I did see this jacket and love it recently, because I’m a sucker for military styling.

I don’t have $229 to spend on a jacket (and if I did I wouldn’t buy it from Witchery anyway, I’d be on The Outnet pretty quick), but I did have an old military jacket that I’d bought from Dotti about 3 years ago.

Then I found a seller on Ebay that sold sequinned appliques.

They are just gorgeous!  After that I sourced some fabric glue – it’s important to buy proper fabric glue and not rely on PVA – when you wash the garment, PVA will peel off.  So then I glued them on, and had to weigh them down for four hours until they were done.

Et voila!  The applique’s were about $3 each, and the glue was $4.  A wardrobe update for $10 isn’t bad at all.


    1. Thankyou! It looks much better in real life, I think I have to look at the settings on my camera, it hasn’t been the same since it fell out of a tuk tuk in Cambodia. I am all about the saving of money and not getting in debt whilst at uni the second time. But come my first paycheque….ahh.

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