Lazy Sunday

I spent this morning studying and coming down from my the past four days of chocolate and hot cross bun extravaganza.  There are three things you need when studying.  The first thing is socks.  Aeroplane socks or big woolly ones, you just need them.  The second is something to put in your mouth.  I have a friend whose mother buys her giant bags of Freddo Frogs when she studies, unfortunately I don’t have that kind of metabolism.  For me it’s soda water (I have a Soda Stream), herbal tea, and sometimes something caffeinated.  The third is that you should be fully dressed.  I learned this from FlyLady.  It makes you feel ‘ready’.  And if you’re anything like me, you’ll do anything, because I loathe studying.  After 8 years, you would too.

Later on we went for a walk and I wore my necklaces from Friends International.  Walks are an excellent pastime when you have no money.

You might remember Friends from my previous post.  The necklaces are made out of recycled paper and cost me $3 each in Phnom Penh at the Russian Market.  $3 is a lot of money there.  Every NGO I shopped at were so pleased when I bought things, it was dangerous.  You get a style injection, a shopping fix on a student budget and help someone.  When you’re a student you can’t be very avant-garde or exciting (unless you are studying fashion or have loads of time to browse the op shop and mod your clothes – my course is 40 hours a week), but it doesn’t mean you should let everything go, especially not when you’re a mature age student.  My outfit was incredibly thrifty.  $6 for the necklaces, $10 for the Supre top, $30 for the S&B jeans at their sale, and the shoes (which you can’t see but are a black square toe patent number) were a birthday present.  $46 total.

I am a firm believer that if you can maintain style as a uni student whilst not getting in any debt (I’m not), then you will be fabulous as an earner.

I feel ambivalent about autumn.  I’ve been in a country where it’s 40c every day and now I’m too cold.

The light on the other hand, is fantastic.  Not so much for photography – there’s too much contrast, but it’s sharp, the shadows are sharp, everything is either lit, or hidden starkly.  You can’t really see it here but the dogs in the park were having an important meeting of the minds.

I always appreciate it when someone decides to graffiti something from a movie.  Especially a cult movie.  The quote above is from Dune, a long droning 80s film of De Laurentiis ilk that I’ve seen more times than I can count, and love to this day.  But you have to be in a certain frame of mind to watch it.  A very patient frame of mind.  And you have to really suspend your disbelief.

I also stopped and bought some craft glue.  I will show you the outcome of that later – it’s drying now.

One comment

  1. That piece of graffiti is great. Love Dune. My favourite piece of graffiti is at my old uni, on one of those big maps of the place. Next to the “You are here” arrow, someone has written “But why?”.

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