Embracing Autumn.

My sister and I moaned for a good hour tonight on the phone about the loss of summer, mangoes, and how we were terrible at dressing trans-seasonally because no matter how hard you try, you always end up too hot or too cold.  Then Mr G and I went to dinner at a local Greek tavern that we’d never tried in spite of living here for four years.  I wore my best mourning clothes (that is, I changed into some black stacked wedges, and put a short grey trench on and changed my Friends necklace to a silver heart one my Mum gave me), which were an exercise in monochrome that reflected my mood.

Behind the curtained door in the Greek tavern though, was warmth, Greek music, friendly staff, and a lovely menu.  On the table was wine and keftedes and veal with eggplant and potatoes and bread.  It was warm, the food was tomatoey and meaty and minty, I felt parented by it.  I didn’t take photos, it was empty in there tonight and they were so lovely I didn’t want them to think I was a food critic!

Dessert was baklava and when they came out with complimentary dessert wine, I decided it was time to get over myself and embrace autumn.

First I had to google “embracing autumn” because for all my good intentions, I wasn’t entirely sure how this would go, and then I came up with a few things.

  1. Greek food.  Greek food is all about embracing autumn.  It is warm and homey but without the heaviness or expectation of big meaty stews that typify winter.  I am fragile people, I am not yet ready for winter.  A stew would be rushing me.
  2. Cardi-coats.  I’ve been planning to make one for ages – I have the fabric, I even have a mockup done.  Tomorrow may be the day.  A coat again would be rushing me, but a knit coat would ease me into things.
  3. Reading books in a warm blanket with hot tea.  It’s not quite that cold yet but I am willing to be progressive and avant-garde.  I just need to learn how to relax enough to read a book without feeling guilty about the many things I should be doing.
  4. Apples – it’s the beginning of the season!
  5. Reorganizing your home.  I spend a lot more time indoors in winter, I should have a hardcore tidy and declutter in preparation for it!

There’s also a 6 and that is that I really need to buy some clothes.  Guess whose local St Vinnies is having 50% off tomorrow!


  1. Reading with blankets is the best Jerry the BEST! (this is a line from Seinfeld in case you’re not au fait). I like autumn. Blowdrying my do is easier and I have to do less pruning in the garden. My parents live in the country in apple tree country surrounded by millions of orchards. Love apple trees and apples. The blog is good, keep on trucking.

    1. I hope there is an all things apple related post when you next go to your parents and also bake up some sort of apple related storm. Can I make requests? Pie and dumpling pics 😉

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