Audrey Horne.

When I was a teenager I was obsessed with the TV show Twin Peaks.  I wanted to be Audrey Horne.  Daddy’s little princess and the ultimate bad good girl.  Audrey was all tweed skirts, pink sweaters, and a sweet smile, but did exactly as she pleased and smoked in front of everyone but her father.

There was something so appealing about a teenage girl who seemed so grownup, but really, had no idea what she was doing.

Her shoe collection was a highlight of the show.  When she wasn’t wearing spats, she broke her good schoolgirl image with a little Scarlet Letter-esque channelling.

And when we weren’t seeing her shoe collection, we were watching her chase older and complicated men.  Agent Cooper did menswear so well.  I think the best source of menswear inspiration is, well, men.  Most media will show you women in menswear inspired clothing, but I highly recommend going straight to the source.

This shirt was just so darn clever.  The show was all about the danger that lay in the forest, it featured heavily, and they communicated this is in a variety of little ways, Audrey’s shirt for instance.   If I could own this I would.

Twin Peaks borrowed so much from film noir it was almost satyrical at times.  I have a pattern for a similar version of this dress, a Very Easy Vogue.  One day I’ll make it, and wear it somewhere with bright red lipstick, just to live the film noir cliche, and I’ll enjoy myself immensely.

This is not Audrey, this Laura Palmer and Agent Cooper in the Black Lodge.  It’s an image that really characterises the show.  And really, nothing says 90s like tons of black, sharp eyemakeup, and red matte lipstick.   This strange quasi indie-90s trend at the moment confuses me.  Unless you want to be the guy from Big Audio Dynamite, this particular style of the 90s was very polished.  But that’s trend revival for you!

Mr G is making me scrambled eggs right now.  I love Mr G.


  1. I have never watched Twin Peaks but I must say you have piqued (haha like the pun?) my interest with this post!
    Really love your blog, definitely one to watch. x

    1. Thankyou! I appreciated the pun – I love them. Glad you liked Audrey, I named my dressmakers model after her. She’s a good winter muse, it was cold all the time in Twin Peaks.

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