$6 at the monthly market. Part 1.

As an epic declutterer, I try not to buy things that clog up my life, however I have several weaknesses. One of these is fabric. You do not get between a dressmaker and her fabric if you know what’s good for you, but it does result in a very big stash.

Lucky for me I found this pattern for $6 at a monthly market, and the stash contains a sky blue cotton/linen blend reminiscent of denim but far lighter.

Isn’t it gorgeous?  A knee length version in my sky blue fabric with big wooden buttons and gold thongs and messy hair is calling out to me. At $6 it was a bargain, the same pattern goes for $14 on Ebay.

The title of the post says part 1, because part 2 is where I make it and show you. Part 2 might be a while.


    1. If you have a dressmaker, they could whip you up anything from the old Vogue patterns. Pucci did a few too – the Vogue Designer range was huge in the 70s and 80s. Disappointingly tiny now.

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